Nathaniel Henein

Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢

Nathaniel is well-versed in the financial markets and has been working in the financial services community for over 10 years. He earned his Bachelor's of Science degree in Management and Economics from Ramapo College in New Jersey, and an MBA from Montclair State University. Before entering the financial advisory practice, his past experience included managing a multitude of branches for TD Bank and HSBC Bank. This is where he recognized the opportunity to help others manage their finances during difficult economic times. He is a passionate individual committed to delivering excellence to every relationship by providing prudent and comprehensive recommendations, options and solutions. When Nathaniel is not working at the office he is working to improve the local community. Nathaniel participates in a variety of fundraisers throughout the year, including the Ronald Reagan Foundation and Autism Speaks. He is also the former treasurer for his church.

*Nathaniel Henein is registered as an Investment Advisory Representative